Grand Canyon Rafting - part 4

Grand Canyon Rafting - part 4

Havasu Creek to Vulcan's Throne

Landslides and Lava Flows

Interested in a Field Trip With the RocDoc?

Field Trip with the RocDoc?

In response to the frequent queries I receive about leading in-person field trips, I'd like to see how many responses I get to this -- would you be interested in a 1-day field trip with the RocDoc?

Specifically, I'm considering a trip to some of the best geology North America has to offer -- from Red Lodge, Montana to Cody, Wyoming via the famous Beartooth Highway one day in August, 2018. We would caravan in our own vehicles, and provide our own food for the day. I'll provide a packet of information, maps, and geologic summaries for each person, and we'll stop at all the best places and talk about what we're seeing and how it came to be. I'll charge a nominal fee of about $50 per person to cover my costs, and we'll have a fun day!

Dates: to be determined by those who are interested (during August, 2018)
Places:  Red Lodge, Montana
     Beartooth Highway
     Clark Fork Canyon
     Clark, Wyoming (see photo above)
     Cody, Wyoming
     end at Buffalo Bill Reservoir outside of Cody
Blog Posts we'll cover: Beartooth Highway, Cody Wyoming

For the very enthusiastic, I may consider an extra day in either Yellowstone or the Bighorn Mountains.

Red Lodge and Cody are both terrific and convenient places to stay, and both are good jump-off points to Yellowstone.

If you're interested, please send me an email at   I'll accept them until May 1, 2018, at which time I'll make a final decision and set a date.  Please include the dates you'd be available to make the trip.

Grand Canyon Rafting - part 3

Grand Canyon Rafting - part 3

Blacktail Canyon to Havasu Creek

Geology travel rafting Grand Canyon National Park Arizona copyright

Grand Canyon Rafting - part 2

Grand Canyon Rafting - part 2

The Basement

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