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What Can RocDocTravel Do For Me?

What Can RocDocTravel Do For Me? Cool geologic sites!

The Amazing Teton Dam Disaster (Yellowstone region)

The Biggest Dam Failure in History -- the Teton Dam, Idaho    (Rexburg Historical Society,  photo by Mrs. Eunice Olson, 5 June 1976 )

Santorini Volcano Island, Greece

Santorini, Greece & the Legend of Atlantis Santorini is the volcanic caldera that gave us the legend of Atlantis -- and one the most romantic and scenic places in the Mediterranean!

The San Andreas Fault: I-15 to I-5

The Amazing San Andreas Fault, I-15 to I-5 What?  You've never been to California's most infamous geological feature?  You've never explored the only fault most people know by name?   Really!?! Lone Pine Canyon, looking south