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Some Sites in Great Britain

Some Sites in Great Britain

A Geologic Perspective

geology trips great britain england scotland london york edinburgh preston copyright RocDocTravel.com William Smith
Get the geologic story behind some of Great Britain's most famous and significant sites, including William Smith's revolutionary 1815 geologic "map that changed the world."

Durango & Silverton Railroad

 Durango & Silverton Railroad, SW Colorado

Durnango Silverton Railroad Colorado Rockies Rocky Mountains San Juan Mountains Animas River Geology

Take SW Colorado's iconic narrow-gage railroad along the spectacular Animas River!

Northern California Coast & Redwoods

Northern California Coast & Redwoods

California northern coast geology travel trip roadtrip Humboldt Redwoods copyright RocDocTravel.com

Discover the geologic story that shaped this scenic wonder from Oregon to Fort Bragg.

Southern Oregon Coast

 Southern Oregon Coast

copyright RocDocTravel.com geology travel trips roadtrip Oregon coast Bandon beach

Take one of America's great road trips!

Gallatin River Canyon, Montana

 Gallatin River Canyon near Big Sky, Montana

Gallatin River canyon Montana geology river rafting rocks Yellowstone National Park copyright RocDocTravel.com

Explore one of the West's most beautiful river canyons!

Big Sky, Montana

 Big Sky, Montana

Big Sky Montana geology Lone Mountain travel copyright RocDocTravel.com
Discover the unique bedrock that shaped this northern Rockies treasure!

Borah Peak, Idaho West

Borah Peak, Idaho - West Side

Borah Peak Idaho geology earthquake fault scarp travel trail hiking climbing copyright RocDocTravel.com
Discover how continental shelf mud ended up atop Idaho's highest peak and site of a M7 earthquake in 1983!

England: The Birth of Modern Geology

In the Footsteps of William Smith, Father of Modern Geology

Geology travel England Bath York London William Smith history science geologic map copyright RocDocTravel.com
William Smith's 1815 geologic map of England and Wales revolutionized geology

M6.5 Stanley, Idaho Earthquake

M6.5 Stanley, Idaho Earthquake

March 31, 2020

Stanley Idaho earthquake 2020 landslide subsidence rockfall avalanche snow slide liquefaction copyright RocDocTravel.com

4 Amazing Places in Germany

Koln, Hamburg, Berlin, Neuschwanstein Castle -- a Taste of Germany

geology travel Germany Koln Cologne Hamburg St. Nikolai Berlin Neuschwanstein Castle copyright RocDocTravel.com

Germany: Fossils

Some of Germany's Best Fossils

Germany fossil sites museums Tubingen, Urwelt Museum Hauff Holzmaden, Solnhofen archaeopteryx lithography, Bilzingsleben homo erectus copyright RocDocTravel.com

See dinosaurs, flying archaeopteryx, echinoderms, and even homo erectus!

Rhine River, Germany

Take a geologic boat trip down Germany's Romantic Rhine River

Middle Rhine River Germany geology cruise trip Bacharach castles history Remagen UNESCO world heritage area copyright RocDocTravel.com
Cruise by castles from Mainz to Koblenz in this UNESCO World Heritage area!


Rome, Italy

copyright RocDocTravel.com

A geologic perspective you won't find anywhere else!

Lemhi Canyon 1 - Eightmile Canyon

Eightmile Canyon, Lemhi Mountains, Idaho

Lemhi Range Idaho geology travel Cretaceous Sevier orogeny thrust belt ATV UTV hiking trails offroad camping copyright RocDocTravel.com
A perfect off-road getaway!

Switzerland: Glarus Thrust

Switzerland's Glarus Thrust Fault

Glarus Thrust fault Switzerland Swiss Alps geology travel hiking mountains copyright RocDocTravel.com

Explore one of the Alps' most significant geologic structures, a UNESCO World Heritage Site!

Switzerland: Aletsch Glacier

Aletsch Glacier, Switzerland

Geology travel Alps Switzerland Aletsch glacier Fiesch Laax hiking mountains ice source unknown
Explore the Alps' longest glacier!

Switzerland: Lauterbrunnen Valley

Lauterbrunnen Valley, Switzerland

Explore the Alpine valley that Yosemite wants to be when it grows up!
Lauterbrunnen Valley Switzerland Murren Gimmelwald Trummelbach waterfalls glaciers Alps hiking skiing copyright RocDocTravel.com

Switzerland: The Matterhorn

Switzerland: The Matterhorn

Matterhorn geology Zermatt Alps Switzerland Glacier Paradise Italy ski copyright RocDocTravel.com
Explore the oceanic and continental crust that collided at one of the world's most scenic spots!

Canyonlands National Park, Utah - part 1

Canyonlands National Park, Utah - part 1

Canyonlands National Park Utah geology travel Dead Horse Point Mineral Bottom Road White Rim Trail Green River Colorado River copyright RocDocTravel.com
Featuring Dead Horse Point and Mineral Bottom Road

Arches National Park - Part 2

Arches National Park - Part 2

The back (north) half

Arches National Park Utah geology travel hiking camping outdoors recreation copyright RocDocTravel.com
Explore the world-famous arches and discover their geologic stories!

Arches National Park

Arches National Park, Part 1

The Front Half

There's a lot more natural magic to explore at Arches than just the arches!

Dinosaur National Monument, Utah

Dinosaur National Monument, Utah

Dinosaur National Monument Utah geology fossils travel rocks hiking camping outdoors scenery copyright RocDocTravel.com
Discover this truly unique, phenomenal geologic site!

Mauna Kea Volcano, Hawaii

Mauna Kea Volcano, Hawaii

Visit the 13,803 foot summit of the world's biggest volcano on the island of Hawaii!

Kilauea, Hawaii Eruption 2018, Part 2

Kilauea, Hawaii Lower East Rift Zone Eruption 2018, Part 2

Part 2:  The Effects & Some Perspective

Kilauea,Hawaii Eruption, 2018

Kilauea, Hawaii Eruption 2018

copyright RocDocTravel.com Kilauea Hawaii east rift zone eruption 2018 lava Leilani Estates helicopter boat volcano
Part 1:  A look at the lava flows and damage

Kilauea, Hawaii

Kilauea Volcano, Hawaii

Volcanoes National Park

Kilauea volcano eruption lava Hawaii travel geology field trip explore adventure awesome hazards

(Above)  Kilauea Iki erupting in 1959.  (USGS photo)

Got a bucket list?  Make sure Kilauea is on it!  We'll visit the best things to see at Kilauea, Hawaii, the most active volcano on Earth -- and part of the biggest volcano and biggest mountain on Earth!

For more on the 2018 eruption, please see my other posts.

Kilauea by Air and Sea

Kilauea, Hawaii by Air and Sea

Hawaii Kilauea geology travel tour trip helicopter boat lava ocean entry copyright RocDocTravel.com
Explore the world's most active volcano, Kilauea, by helicopter and boat to see the action up close. Feeling, smelling, touching, hearing the eruption will forever change you! This trip took place before the amazing eruptions of 2018. 

Death Valley - Badwater Area

Death Valley Part 1 -- Badwater Area

Explore the lowest place in the western hemisphere!

Wyoming: Thermopolis & Wind River Canyon

Wyoming: Thermopolis & Wind River Canyon

geology travel Thermopolis Wind River Canyon Wyoming hot springs Bighorn River copyright RocDocTravel.com
Explore the extraordinary hot springs and colorful strata!

Bighorn Mountains, Wyoming

Bighorn Mountains, Wyoming

Bighorn Mountains Wyoming geology travel fieldtrip copyright RocDocTravel.com

See some of America's best unspoiled landscape created by spectacular geologic events!

Grand Canyon Rafting - part 4

Grand Canyon Rafting - part 4

Havasu Creek to Vulcan's Throne

Landslides and Lava Flows

Grand Canyon Rafting - part 3

Grand Canyon Rafting - part 3

Blacktail Canyon to Havasu Creek

Geology travel rafting Grand Canyon National Park Arizona copyright RocDocTravel.com

Grand Canyon Rafting - part 2

Grand Canyon Rafting - part 2

The Basement

Grand Canyon National Park geology rafting Colorado River Arizona travel trip copyright RocDocTravel.com

Grand Canyon Rafting - part 1

Grand Canyon Rafting - part 1

Lee's Ferry to Little Colorado River
A true bucket-list trip that you will never forget!

Grand Canyon National Park rafting trip geology expedition outdoors adventure bucket-list Arizona copyright RocDocTravel.com

Beartooth Highway, Montana, Part 2

Beartooth Highway, Montana, Part 2

Beartooth Highway Wyoming Montana geology travel trip fieldtrip guide mountains copyright RocDocTravel.com

Explore the high-country geology along one of America's most scenic roads!

Beartooth Highway, Montana, Part 1

Beartooth Highway, Montana, Part 1

Explore the spectacular high-country geology of one of America's most scenic roads!

North Cascades National Park & Oso Landslide

North Cascades & Oso Landslide 

See some of America's best scenery at Mt. Adams and North Cascades National Park in Washington!

north Cascades National Park Oso landslide Mount Baker volcano glacier lake Washington pass copyright rocdoctravel.com

California Landslides & Floods

California Landslides & The Great Flood of 1964

Discover where & why California has so many landslides, and learn about the biggest flood ever - the Great Christmas Flood of 1964!
California landslide flood geology travel trip Eel River San Francisco coast Palos Verdes San Andreas copyright RocDocTravel.com

Oroville Dam

Oroville Dam, California

At 770 feet, this is America's tallest dam, and one of the largest earthen dams in the world. It's the cornerstone of California's water system.

Oroville Dam California geology travel trip roadtrip copyright rocdoctravel.com

Mouth of the Columbia River

Mouth of the Columbia River

"Graveyard of the Pacific"

Explore the biggest river on the Pacific Coast, the goal of explorers for two centuries, and the graveyard for over 2000 ships!

Columbia River mouth Astoria Oregon Washington Fort Stevens Lewis and Clark jetties geology travel trip copyright rocdoctravel.com
The Columbia River is a major shipping route, and as such is lined with industrial facilities all the way to Portland. But in these green hills, even docks and warehouses look pretty good!

City of Rocks, Idaho

City of Rocks National Reserve, Idaho

City of Rocks National Reserve Idaho geology travel field trip copyright rocdoctravel.com
See two granite bodies a billion years apart eroded into spectacular towers and ridges -- on the California pioneer trail!

Yosemite's Tioga Pass Road

Yosemite National Park's Tioga Pass Road

Explore the glaciated granite of the high country on the High Sierra's best road!

Yosemite National Park geology travel field trip Tioga copyright rocdoctravel.com

Northern California Coast 3

Best Geological Sites on the Northern California Coast - Part 3

Ferndale - Mattole Road - Cape Mendocino - Tectonic Triple Junction - Eel River - Point Arena

northern California coast geology tectonics san andreas travel field trip Ferndale Petrolia Cape Mendocino Punta Gorda copyright rocdoctravel.com

Northern California Coast 2

Geological Sites on Northern California Coast - Part 2

northern California coastal geology travel field trip ophiolite melange copyright rocdoctravel.com
Discover tectonic plate collision geology in the Crescent City region!

Northern California Coast 1

Northern California Coast

See cool geologic sites that you may overlook otherwise!

northern California coast geology travel field trip copyright RocDocTravel.com

Glacier National Park

Glacier National Park, Montana

Glacier National Park Montana geology travel field trip tour copyright rocdoctravel.com
Visit one of America's most spectacular landscapes, and home to one of the world's most incredible roads!

Burney Falls, California

Burney Falls, Northern California

Burney Falls State Park California geology travel field trip tour copyright rocdoctravel.com
Bet you couldn't name California's most beautiful waterfall -- 129-foot hybrid river/aquifer Burney Falls between the Lassen and Shasta volcanoes!

25 Amazing Geological Places

25 Amazing Geological Places

Discover the surprising facts behind 25 beautiful geological sites!

Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming

Grand Teton National Park

Grand Teton National Park Wyoming geology travel field trip copyright RocDocTravel.com
Discover the amazing geologic story behind one of America's most scenic places!

Yellowstone East

Yellowstone Lake to Cody, Wyoming

See some of the region's best scenery and geology!

Yellowstone Lake east entrance Absaroka volcanics Buffalo Bill Cody Wyoming copyright RocDocTravel.com
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