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Bucketlist Trip: Pompeii I didn't expect it to, but visiting Pompeii affected me deeply.  I don't look at ancient calamities the same way any more.

Natural Disaster: The Frank Slide, Alberta

The Frank Slide, Alberta Come see Canada's deadliest landslide, one of the biggest and most accessible rock avalanches anywhere -- the Frank Slide in Alberta.  It even has its own visitor center!

Upcoming Field Trips

Lemhi Mountains, Idaho Upcoming posts in 2019-2020 will include: USA :   More about Yellowstone and its neighborhood (several trips) The Alps of Switzerland (several trips) Geology of The Matterhorn Geology of Germany's Rhine River In the Footsteps of William Smith - Geology of England Geologic sites in England Geologic sites in Scotland Newberry Caldera   Donner Pass Bryce Canyon National Park the Wasatch Front, Utah Wind River Mtns Wyoming The Sinks State Park, Wyoming Hamilton Dome, Montana ... and more! Pompeii, Italy Tidbits to Wet Your Appetite: Some of the best things to visit at Yellowstone are outside the park -- I'll show you! The Cascades volcanoes are a lot more dangerous than they look.  It is nearly certain that you will see another eruption or two there during your lifetime. There is a chunk of oceanic crust and mantle sitting along the Smith River in northern California! The lower half of The Matterhorn in Switzerland is oceanic c

Calaveras Fault at Hollister, California

Calaveras Fault at Hollister, California (Above) The Calaveras fault, a branch of the San Andreas, creeps through Hollister, displacing everything in its path.

Yellowstone Region: Island Park and Mesa Falls, Idaho

Yellowstone Region -- Island Park and Mesa Falls, Idaho Some of the best things to see at Yellowstone -- especially Geology -- are just outside of the park.