What Can RocDocTravel Do For Me?

What Can RocDocTravel Do For Me?

Cool geologic sites!

See the Really Good Stuff

At times, I’ll take you off the beaten path to see where the really good geology is.  At other times, I’ll help open your eyes to what’s right in front of all the other travelers’ faces, but few really see.  I'll show you the good stuff that the visitor centers and websites don't -- and that's a lot!

It's About The Rocks

Roc Doc Travel fits somewhere between the state and national park websites, roadside geology books, normal travel blogs, and too-technical (whew!) or too-fluffy (yuk!) publications.  This blog isn’t about hotels or airlines or budget or luxury, it’s about one thing – the Earth.  With a PhD and over a quarter century of experience, I can dig deep into the science and explain it for you in plain, understandable language.

Field Trips For Everyone

Most of the places I’ll guide you to are friendly to people of all ages and situations.  You can see almost everything here whether you’re a hiker or not, have kids or not, are alone or in a group, are young or old, mobile or limited.  If you need to stick to the pavement, I’ve got you covered, and if you like off-road adventure, there’s some of that, too.

What's in the Field Trips?

I'll give information about the essential stuff like restrooms, food, and lodging where they may be important, tricky, or unique.  There are so many good travel websites for common travel things, I'll stick to information you won't find there.

The road beckons -- come with me!

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