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I didn't expect it to, but visiting Pompeii affected me deeply.  I don't look at ancient calamities the same way any more.

The Frank Slide, Alberta

geology travel landslide alberta canada rocdoctravel.com fieldtrip
Come see one of the biggest and most accessible avalanches anywhere -- the Frank Slide in Alberta.  It even has its own visitor center!

Upcoming Field Trips

Mesa Falls, Yellowstone Region

Upcoming posts will include:
Yellowstone and its neighborhood (several trips)
Hebgen Lake Earthquake Area
Newberry Caldera 

Calaveras Fault at Hollister, California

calaveras fault hollister california geology travel sanandreas fault earthquake hazards
(Above) The Calaveras fault, a branch of the San Andreas, creeps through Hollister, displacing everything in its path.

Yellowstone Region: Island Park and Mesa Falls, Idaho

mesa falls island park yellowstone idaho geology travel fieldtrip rocdoctravel.com
Some of the best things to see at Yellowstone -- especially Geology -- are just outside of the park.

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