Grand Canyon Rafting - part 1

Grand Canyon Rafting - part 1

Lee's Ferry to Little Colorado River
A true bucket-list trip that you will never forget!

Grand Canyon National Park rafting trip geology expedition outdoors adventure bucket-list Arizona copyright

Beartooth Highway, Montana, Part 2

Beartooth Highway, Montana, Part 2

Beartooth Highway Wyoming Montana geology travel trip fieldtrip guide mountains copyright

Explore the high-country geology along one of America's most scenic roads!

Beartooth Highway, Montana, Part 1

Beartooth Highway, Montana, Part 1

Explore the spectacular high-country geology of one of America's most scenic roads!

North Cascades & Oso Landslide 

See some of America's best scenery at Mt. Adams and North Cascades National Park in Washington!

north Cascades National Park Oso landslide Mount Baker volcano glacier lake Washington pass copyright

California Landslides & Floods

California Landslides & The Great Flood of 1964

Discover where & why California has so many landslides, and learn about the biggest flood ever - the Great Christmas Flood of 1964!
California landslide flood geology travel trip Eel River San Francisco coast Palos Verdes San Andreas copyright

Oroville Dam

Oroville Dam, California

At 770 feet, this is America's tallest dam, and one of the largest earthen dams in the world. It's the cornerstone of California's water system.

Oroville Dam California geology travel trip roadtrip copyright

Mouth of the Columbia River

Mouth of the Columbia River

"Graveyard of the Pacific"

Explore the biggest river on the Pacific Coast, the goal of explorers for two centuries, and the graveyard for over 2000 ships!

Columbia River mouth Astoria Oregon Washington Fort Stevens Lewis and Clark jetties geology travel trip copyright
The Columbia River is a major shipping route, and as such is lined with industrial facilities all the way to Portland. But in these green hills, even docks and warehouses look pretty good!

City of Rocks, Idaho

City of Rocks National Reserve, Idaho

City of Rocks National Reserve Idaho geology travel field trip copyright
See two granite bodies a billion years apart eroded into spectacular towers and ridges -- on the California pioneer trail!

Yosemite's Tioga Pass Road

Yosemite National Park's Tioga Pass Road

Explore the glaciated granite of the high country on the High Sierra's best road!

Yosemite National Park geology travel field trip Tioga copyright

Northern California Coast 3

Best Geological Sites on the Northern California Coast - Part 3

Ferndale - Mattole Road - Cape Mendocino - Tectonic Triple Junction - Eel River - Point Arena

northern California coast geology tectonics san andreas travel field trip Ferndale Petrolia Cape Mendocino Punta Gorda copyright

Northern California Coast 2

Geological Sites on Northern California Coast - Part 2

northern California coastal geology travel field trip ophiolite melange copyright
Discover tectonic plate collision geology in the Crescent City region!

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